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Hello, and welcome to my page! As you can see, I am a HUGE fan of Classic Disney. I love LOTS of Classic stuff, and I obsess over lots of cartoons, especially the ones I watched when I was little. But I am open to suggestions for new shows to watch! Reading is also another one of my hobbies. I also love coming on Deviantart and seeing all the beautiful art people submit. :)
Hey. XD Haven't posted a journal entry in forever, so I figured, why not post which couples I ship in some of my individual fandoms? (I have a crazy amount of fandoms, I'm sorrryyy.) I guess I'll just go by fandom? I'll start with crossover. XD I'm crazy on that stuff. (BTW: I'm going to be commenting on my ships. XD Sorry if this is dreadfully long. And It's not going to be all of my fandoms, just some like I said. XD)

Favorite crossover ships:

Hiccup/Merida. (A.K.A. Merricup. Crossover OTP. Can they just happen already? Please? They have so much in common, just....*fangirling* <3)
Ralph/Elsa. (A.K.A. Icebreaker. <3 Dude, they are just so perfect. Ralph is like the perfect fit for Elsa, I'm serial, you guys. Also, if you understand where the "serial" reference is from, you get a cookie.)
Jack Frost/Mavis. (Oh hi, other perfect ship! I can see these two having a blast together, just letting loose and having a blast together. Also, they're both immortal! It's perfect!)
Rapunzel/Quasimodo. (These two have so much in common, omg. They would have so much to talk about!)

Harry Potter:

Harry/Luna. (These two are so perfect. <3 Luna understands him and is able to comfort him when no one else can. That, and their personalities just work well together. It's perfect. <3)
Ron/Hermione. (I don't care what Jo said, I love these two. So much awesome development throughout the series. <3 I really can't see either of them with anyone else.
Bill/Fleur. (Gah, these twooo. Fleur still loves him despite what Fenrir Greyback did to his face, and...<3)
James/Lily. (These two were so perfect for eachother. <3 They had a great dynamic, and I'm really glad they did end up together, even though I feel bad for Snape.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Zuko/Katara. (Gahhhh these two! <3 Everytime they interacted in the show, it kept me interested. They work so well together, and I would've loved for it to happen. Too bad it didn't, but you can't have everything!)
Aang/Toph. (Excuse me while I squee because of these two. They are so funny together, and I love her nickname for him "Twinkletoes." That, and I can see Toph keep Aang grounded when he needs to be grounded, and Aang persuading her to open up a little when it comes to her emotions.)
Sokka/Yue. (These two were so beautiful and tragic. <3 T_T I honestly think that if Yue had lived, and Sokka had to choose between Yue and Suki, he would've picked Yue.)

Adventure Time:

Finn/Bubblegum. (I'm sorry, they have so much history together. And remember the like-like sweater? <3 I love Flame Princess, but I don't ship her with Finn.)
Bubblegum/Shoko. (I don't know, it's just...knowing that's she's Finn's past life makes her even more connected to Finn than we originally thought. That, and these two were adorable.)

Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden. (I'm not even that interested in this show anymore but I still love some characters and...XD I had to include these two ships.)

Minato/Kushina. (They are so perfect, omg. I don't think I've ever shipped another anime couple harder than these two. I love the way they fall in love, and....<3 Gahhhh! *Overloading on fangirl feels*)
Naruto/Hinata. (I feel like they compliment eachother very well. And the lengths Hinata has gone to make sure Naruto's ok, is just beautiful. I mean, she nearly died for him! If that's not love, I don't know what is.)

South Park:

Cartman/Wendy. (Favorite pairing from this show. <3 The quadruple-stuffed oreos and the tension...they are just awesome together. She's one of the few people that has made Cartman show human emotion, when we see his reaction at the end of Chef Goes Nanners. I also love that she's one of the first girls to legitimately scare Cartman out of his wits when she threatened to kick his ass, and for good reason. They just work really well together, and I think they are the most interesting pair among the South Park pairings.)

Cartman/Kyle. (Ok yes, I will admit I ship this, but not as much as Cartman/Wendy. XD I get a kick out of watching these two fight, it's hilarious. And it has been hinted that Cartman might have a bit of an obsession with Kyle. Just...a bit. XD When he sang to Kyle, I will admit, I couldn't stop laughing. And the lengths he went to make sure Kyle would suck his balls was hilarious too. You could make the argument that Cartman mostly just wanted to humiliate him, but seriously, who tries THAT hard to get someone to do something like that if they don't have even the slightest bit of interest in them?)

Kyle/Bebe. (Ok, yeah, this one is a bit less popular, but I think these two would be really cute. XD And Bebe's statement about how Kyle had "such a hot ass" made me laugh so hard. I think they would be really funny to watch together.)

Well, that's it for now, peeps! I obviously ship a lot more than these ships. XD But if I listed them all, we'd be here all day. Just wanted to let everyone to get to know me a little bit more on what I ship. :)
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